Upcoming Webinar, 29th November 2022 on How PE/VC build and manage their portfolios during economic downturns.

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Upcoming Webinar on 29th November 2022, at 10:00am – 11:30am GMT
Topic: How PE/VC build and manage their portfolios during economic downturns.
Ghana is facing serious macroeconomic challenges. The country has gone from being one of the fastest growing economies over the past few years to requiring IMF intervention to bring some level of macroeconomic stability. High inflation, rapidly depreciating currency coupled with the already existing high cost of doing business means that local businesses move from a state of non-competitiveness to existential threat. Most SMEs may go out of business without any intervention.
The supply side of capital also faces peculiar challenges. The uncertainties surrounding the fate of the economy and implications of government action (or inaction) makes it difficult for private equity and venture capital firms to make investment decisions (especially for those who have a Ghana focus only). While Ghana’s situation is extreme, economies on the continent are all dealing with their own challenges. Most African markets are still dealing with the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on local economies as well as the effects of the Ukraine-Russian crisis on global trade. Amidst all of this, private equity and venture capital can thrive.
The webinar focuses on how Private Equity and Venture Capital firms build strong portfolios during economic downturns. It examines strategies that have been used successfully on the African continent in the past and also discusses effective strategies from other parts of the world.
Join our panelists as they discuss this important topic.