About Us

The Ghana Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (GVCA) is an association of specialized practitioners engaged in the business of private equity in Ghana. The role of the association is to provide a strong voice for industry practitioners in stakeholder engagement and advocacy, drive the growth of the industry, bring legitimacy to its members and develop the capacity of industry players so they can safeguard investors and investees.

Safeguard for investors and investees

The association is a private sector led initiative that is open to all PE/VC firms operating in Ghana, service providers who support the industry, investors, and aspiring industry practitioners.


Our vision

To be the voice of Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry in Ghana.

Core Values

Our core values

  • Collaboration: We believe collaborative action and effort is required to grow our industry.
  • Ethical: Safeguarding our investor and investee interests require the highest ethical standards.
  • Excellence: Our brand must communicate excellence and bring legitimacy to all our members
  • Authenticity: We must build our industry using interventions and programs that are relevant to our market and this calls for us to be deliberate and unique in our approach.
  • Leadership: We must be seen as a global thought and standard leaders for VC/PE in Ghana.


To grow the VC and PE industry in Ghana, by:

  • Supporting investments into private businesses for job creation and national economic development
  • Increasing AUM thereby attracting local and international investors
  • Promoting standards and best practices to safeguard investors and investees
  • Publishing research and data for market insights and policy-making
  • Networking and stakeholder engagement
  • Training of industry practitioners

Current Industry Gaps

No collective voice or strong advocate for PE/VC industry

Low industry
activity and

No reference points for industry standards, legitimacy of practitioners and local PE/VC information

Limited research and data to build industry capacity and influence policy

Unfavorable policy and regulatory framework for the PE/VC industry

Very low deployment of capital by local LPs (including pension funds) into the industry

Low absorptive capacity to take on available AUM

Serious misinformation and information gap exists about the industry among relevant stakeholders

No organized training and development program or platform for aspiring and existing industry practitioners